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Worcester Providence Counseling Services is made up of four individual clinicians in private practice.  Our philosophy is that what you need out of treatment is for you to decide, not your insurance company. At WOPRO we are committed to providing you with affordable choices and we value your right to confidential behavioral health care. Clients who want to maintain privacy rights are encouraged to pay the clinician directly for services rendered ("fee for service"). Check with your insurance company about accessing "out of network" providers. Our licensed clinicians will be happy to provide you with a bill that you submit to your insurance company for re-imbursement. 

If you decide to access your health insurance benefits please understand that we will be required to give you a psychiatric diagnosis and disclose other personal information to your insurance company. Although federal regulations do cover confidentiality (see HIPAA/Document’s Tab), your managed care plan (MCP) has the right to request information from your therapist on risk factors, current stressors in your life, history of substance abuse treatment, what you are working on in therapy and the progress being made.  Furthermore, this lack of confidentiality could impact your minor children even more negatively.  Should they ever desire to apply for certain jobs, to certain colleges or educational programs, such as law enforcement or the military, information in their insurance files could be used against them.   If your concerns meet their definition of "medical necessity", your insurance company will decide whom you can see for health care and how often. They will limit your choices. 

At Worcester Providence Counseling Services, we are devoted to the client and informing him/her/them of the choices at hand so they might make the best decision possible.  We understand that private pay is not an option for everyone and that a large majority of the insurance companies offering mental health care are quality organizations devoted to the best interest of those they cover.  Simply stated, we feel you should be an informed consumer of any and all care you receive.

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